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I am a PhD student in the Transformation, Interpretation, and Analysis of Language (TIAL) Lab at the University of Washington within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. My research area includes machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), and my advisors are Dr. Mari Ostendorf and Dr. Eve Riskin. My recent research applies machine learning and NLP to the clinical domain, focusing on improving clinical documentation processes and patient modeling. I am seeking opportunities to apply machine learning and NLP to meaningful, real-world problems, where can I can make a positive impact.

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Kevin Lybarger


Extracting information from clinical notes

University of Washington, Seattle, WA 2012-present

  • Extracting social behavioral information from clinical notes using NLP
  • Exploring multi-task, active, and semi-supervised learning approaches
  • Implementing a range of neural modeling techniques using Google's TensorFlow

Improving clinical documentation processes

University of Washington, Seattle, WA 2015-2018

  • Investigated the creation of clinical notes using automatic speech recognition
  • Augmented the functionality of a commercial speech recognition system
  • Detected word sequences in clinical notes that may negatively affect accuracy


Seattle University

Adjunct Faculty 2012-present

  • Teaching Electrical Engineering courses to a diverse student population
  • Advising students in year-long, industry-sponsored senior capstone projects
  • Developing course materials, including laboratory experiments
  • Assisting in ABET accreditation activities

University of Washington (UW)

Teacher Assistant 2014-present

  • Teaching laboratory courses, including courses for student-exchange programs
  • Recognized for proctoring a highly rated course by the College of Engineering

UW Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)

Research Assistant 2015-2018

  • Developed an undergraduate-focused, project-based learning program
  • Recruited students and faculty, emphasizing diversity and inclusivity
  • Collaborated with an international consortium of VIP member institutions
  • Created new courses, and integrating courses into departmental curricula



Senior Engineer 2007-2012

  • Developed and performed wind turbine prototype tests
  • Conducted root cause analyses of wind turbine failures

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Graduate Intern 2006-2007

  • Designed a GPS-synchronized data acquisition system for wind turbines


University of Washington

Pursuing PhD in Electrical Engineering 2014-present

  • Focus: Machine learning and natural language processing
  • Supervisors: Dr. Mari Ostendorf and Dr. Eve Riskin
  • GPA: 3.82

University of Colorado Boulder

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering 2005-2007

  • Focus: Power electronics and renewable energy systems
  • GPA: 3.94

Seattle University

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 1999-2003

  • Minors: Math & Physics
  • GPA: 3.96


  1. K. Lybarger, M. Yetisgen, and M. Ostendorf, Using neural multi-task learning to extract substance abuse information from clinical notes, in AMIA Annu Symp Proc, 2018
  2. K. Lybarger, M. Ostendorf, E. Riskin, T. Payne, A. White, et al., Asynchronous speech recognition affects physician editing of notes, Appl Clin Inform, vol. 9, no. 4, pp. 782-790, 2018
  3. T. Payne, W. Alonso, J. Markiel, K. Lybarger, R. Lordon, et al., Using voice to create inpatient progress notes: effects on note timeliness, quality, and physician satisfaction, J Am Med Inform Assoc Open, 2018
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  5. T. Payne, A. Markiel, W. Alonso, R. Lordon, K. Lybarger, et al., Improving electronic inpatient progress notes using voice: results from the VGEENS project, in AMIA Annu Symp Proc, 2017
  6. T. Payne, W. Alonso, A. Markiel, K. Lybarger, and A. White, Using voice to create hospital progress notes: description of a mobile application and supporting system integrated with a commercial electronic health record, J Bioinform, vol. 77, pp. 91-96, 2017


Engineers Without Borders

Project Manager 2005-2007

  • Led the design and installation of a photovoltaic water pumping system
  • Brought potable water to a community of over 100 people in Peru
  • Recognized by Rotary International for Professional & Humanitarian Services


Husky 100

University of Washington 2017

  • Recognized for leadership, discovery mindset, and commitment to inclusivity

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